Wragg Brothers history - 50+ years


The Wragg name is a well-drilling legacy dating back to the 1950s, when brothers Bruce and George Wragg started a company with a single cable-tooled drilling machine in Norwalk, CT. The company quickly grew into Wragg Brothers Well Drilling, with several machines operating in lower Fairfield County.

Wragg Brothers continued to grow; the company moved from Norwalk to Wilton, CT, and expanded into Vermont. Today, Wragg Brothers of Ascutney, VT, and Wragg Well Drilling are the direct descendants of the company started by Bruce and George half a century ago.

Wragg Brothers of Ascutney, VT incorporates three generations of experience in the industry. Guided by Jay Wragg, it has become one of the most respected and reputable service contracting companies in the Northeast. Family-owned and operated as always, Wragg Brothers Well Drilling now consists of 10 full-time employees.

Wragg Brothers Well Drilling is a full-service groundwater and production drilling contracting company. Our services include drilling and installing geothermal ground loops for geothermal systems, drilling commercial and residential production water wells, operating a full-service hydrofracture unit, and offering a 24-hour emergency pumps system and service crew. We service the entire state of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts with efficiency and pride. We are dedicated to serving each and every one of our projects with the professionalism that is characteristic of a company that has thrived in the marketplace for over fifty years.

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