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Wragg Brothers has been an industry leader in the Hydro-fracturing (Hydrofrac) of water wells since the 1950's. Hydro-fracking is a procedure which is usually done when a water supply in a well is not yielding adequate amounts of water.

A low yield in a water well is typically caused by small fractures or fractures that have sediment or mineral accumulations. Hydro-fracking helps to break through these elements and increase water flow.

At Wragg Brothers, we use potable water during the hydro-fracking process unlike oil and gas wells that use sands, ceramics and chemicals.

Our goal is provide you with a well that yields a gallon a minute over what you are currently yielding. Typical results yield 1 to 3 gallons per minute and occasionally, greater results do occur.

Hydrofracturing, also known as hydrofracking, hyrdofracting, or 'fracking,' is a method used by groundwater professionals to develop and rehabilitate wells that are not providing enough water. The Hydrofracture procedure involves lowering a borehole packer into a water well, expanding it below the casing/static level and above the fracture system. This isolates the production zone from the rest of the well. Water is then pumped down through the water injection pipe at high pressure and high volume. The pressure and flow created in the production zone cause small, tight fractures in the rock to open up and spread. The newly opened and flushed out fractures provide connections between nearby water-bearing fractures and the borehole, ultimately increasing the yield of the underperforming well.

Sediment presence in a well can seal existing fractures in a well over time, diminishing the water flow of a well. In the Northeast, there is a widespread presence of iron and manganese. Over time, these minerals can build up and clog the arteries that feed a well. Hydrofracturing can clean out these fissures and restore the flow of once productive fractures.

There are two kinds of fracking, the single frack, which uses a single packer to provide a general fracturing of water-producing fissures, and the zone frack, which uses a straddle packer to isolate specific areas to fracture.


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