Well Inspections & Flow Tests


Buying a home? Get a test done first!

Don't buy a home without getting a comprehensive residential well inspection and flow test from seasoned pros at Wragg Brothers. Our inspections go far beyond what a home inspector can do.


What You Get With Our Comprehensive Well Tests

Once we properly unseal the well head, we'll conduct a series of tests.

  • At the start of the test, measure the depth to the water from the ground level
  • Test the flow rate
  • Sample for bacteria
  • Check pump system amperage
  • Visually inspect the pressure tank and tee fittings
  • Pressurize the lines and check for underground leaks
  • At the end of the test, again measure the depth to the water from the ground level
  • Reseal the well cap or replace it with a sanitary seal
Depending on the demands in your mortgage, the flow test will look to see that the well can produce three gallons of water per minute for two hours or five gallons per minute for four hours.

Find out how you can improve your well water

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